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I love this job.  I have worked hard for my qualifications* and it shows. Here's what some of my clients had to say when I asked them to write anything they wished about what it's like to work with me:



* Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity, Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Management and a certificate in Behaviour Change and Motivational Interviewing
Life Before Rachel

As an overweight teenager when Twiggy was all-the-rage and remaining a ‘fatty’ through hot-pants and boob-tubes, my life was a misery.

Age 25 I went on a diet, lost weight and put even more back on.

Eventually, I linked healthy eating and exercise; lost weight and kept it off.  Tragically, in my mind I remained overweight and shapeless.  I lived in fear of food and putting on pounds.

Thank God for Rachel.  It only required a few sessions for her to guide me into a sensible and positive way of thinking about food, myself and my attitudes; to include a few nutrients missing from my diet; and to enthuse me to enjoy exercise for the fun of it – not solely as an ally in the battle.

I think I have tortured myself with these issues for about 44 years.  It is a genuine relief to know myself more realistically and to buy, cook and eat food for pleasure.

For me, Rachel is more than a weight management advisor.  She is a saviour; knows what she is talking about; has a sense of humour (absolutely essential in such a sensitive, emotional as well as physical subject); and …. dare I say? …. Has become a friend.  I wonder how I survived all those years without her.

/// VW, Lampeter, Ceredigion

Enlightening, effective, inspiring

I think I am like a lot of women who, after having children, fall into the habit of “eating for two” long after the event and consequently the baby weight is hard to shift! I have found working with Rachel a truly enlightening and effective way to lose over two stone, in a consistent and steady way. I thought I was eating healthy foods and a relatively active person, but I have changed the way I eat and work out thanks to Rachel’s guidance. I have found a low carb and high protein diet works really well for me. Everything is tailored to you, unlike one size all fits all approaches out there in the mass market. This has been so important to the success I have achieved.

She has taught me strategies to prevent over eating and how to deal with social situations in relation to your new way of eating. One thing to state for me this has not been about dieting! It is about making sustainable new habits in relation to how you think about food and exercise. On a practical level she helped me regulate my blood sugar and as a result I have increased energy and clarity as well as an amazing weight loss.  

I am so glad to have worked with Rachel – she is a highly inspiring and fun person as well as being highly knowledgeable about health and nutrition.  She will encourage when you need it and motivate you, setting goals with you to achieve your aims.  I, and my family, have got so much out of the whole process and highly recommend RS weight loss. Thank you!

/// NB, Lampeter, Ceredigion - Read NB's amazing story in the blog section

Everything I needed

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Rachel and am totally convinced that I am going to be able to keep my weight loss off and continue to lose more and reach a sensible BMI.


Rachel’s excellent range of information and material provided plenty of food for thought and gave me the tools for action too.


Giving one-to-one attention to someone struggling with their weight and health is definitely the way to assist with a real long-term change, and Rachel has been everything I needed.

/// RH, Llandysul, Ceredigion

Fantastic results

After three years as a self-employed consultant, working mostly from home, I had become sedentary to a shocking level. My weight was crazily up, my physical fitness absurdly down. To boot, a knee injury had kept me limping heavily for months and -- even after being operated on -- struggling to regain strength and movement.

And then one day a call to Rachel Schroeder was instrumental in starting my journey down the path of recovery. Rachel approached my case in a holistic way, asked the right questions and helped me put in place actions that not only tackled weight loss but also how to fit exercise back into my routine.

Rachel's approach, which relies on creating a partnership with her clients, has yielded fantastic results with me. Shortly after starting working with Rachel, I was on a new focussed food plan but most importantly I was back on my feet with daily walking objectives taking into account my level of fitness and the limitations of my knee injury. Week after week my pleasure of walking returned and the objectives became more ambitious. Today, eight months into this partnership for health, I am 20 kilos lighter, my knee is stronger, my fitness is up and I rarely miss my daily routine. Believe it or not, I am even thinking of going on a walking holiday in the summer of 2017.

/// CF, Geneva, Switzerland

Very understanding and knowledgeable

Having attended several meetings, I have found each session very understanding and knowledgeable. Rachel is very friendly and puts my mind at ease on every aspect of my diet whilst offering great encouragement and alternatives when things aren't going so well. Having been trying diets of my own, I can say that Rachel's knowledge and direction have made a big difference in achieving my goals to date.

/// VA, Llandysul, Ceredigion

A personal touch

I have tried many diets and have failed so many times. The reason being I was looking for a quick fix that worked for a short while but was not sustainable. Having met and discussed with Rachel my habits and lifestyle, we were able to tailor my needs with a personal touch. Bearing this in mind, the healthy eating plan that I now maintain is manageable and is not just a fad or a quick fix. I have lost over 30 pounds and never thought that I would be in this position this time last year.

/// JA, Lampeter, Ceredigion


​​I benefit from being made to consider my lifestyle and you do with with grace and sensitivity. (Ann, East Sussex)

I really think that sugar is an addiction. I could never go back to eating that way [carbs and sugar]. (KB, Carmarthenshire) 


Asking you if you'd do this is the best thing I've ever done, I've learnt so much. (CJ, Lincolnshire)

I feel more in control of me and my life. I like myself a lot more physically and inside. I also enjoy learning about different combinations of food, cooking them and making my own up. (DS, Ceredigion)

Subconscious change (more from VW in Lampeter)

What have you done for me?!  To me!

You know that my nightmare dream is that I wake up, look in the mirror, and I am FAT.

You wouldn't believe what happened last night.  I had lost so much weight that there were huge folds in the denim of my jeans and I had to admit they were too big to be worn any more.

Gosh it seems I have turned a corner and at last, even subconsciously recognised that I am slim. 

Well done Rachel and thank you.

/// VW, Lampeter, Ceredigion

On a very personal note... Rachel's story

A good friend of mine laughed his head off when I told him a while back that I was going to mentor people in weight loss: "But you're thin, people won't take you seriously, they'll think you can't empathise with them!"


Well, he's right, I am slim (slim NOT thin), I am a healthy weight and my BMI is healthy too ... but that's as far as it goes. In 2005 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and eventually, when I recovered from the shock, I heard that you can manage my type of MS with lifestyle changes alone. And it's true, you can, or at least I can. Can and do  though it took a while, a lot of persistence and a fair bit of courage, I have now successfully managed my MS for more than ten years.

So, to recap: Radical changes to what I eat? Yes! A much more active lifestyle? Yes! A change of mindset? Absolutely!


Can I empathise with what my clients are facing when they come to me?  Yes, I think I can.