You might be thinking of coming to me because your weight has crept out of control. A health problem could even be on the horizon - high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes...The chances are that you have spent many years focusing on your family, your work, your home... pretty much everything except yourself. And suddenly, here you are at a point where something has to give. If this sounds like you, then you're not alone, I have been here already with many of my clients.

You talk, I listen. You might be here in my office with me, or you might be talking to me over FaceTime, either way, I listen. Clients generally know what they need to do - they just need a helping hand to do it.


I have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, but only you have the key. You are the one who will unlock the door to a very different world. I am here to help guide you through the process of finding that key and using it.


You won't be hungry and you won't be pushed into exercising in unsustainable ways. It really is all about you, and that's why it works.


Although they have a lot in common, all of my clients are different, they all need different things at different times... is it your time now?

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We all need a hand every now and then

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